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Product Updates

Stay up-to-date on changes in our product selections, availability, and industry standards.


New Stocked Product: BLOCK-IT House Wrap to replace Grip Right House Wrap Stock

March 7, 2017

Both our Concord Lumber and Littleton Lumber locations will now be stocking BLOCK-IT House Wrap beginning the week on 3/1/17.  


BLOCK-IT is a  house wrap manufactured by The Kimberly Clark Co. featuring patented technology that actually channels liquid away from the wall assembly to the ground.

You get it all with BLOCK-IT* House Wrap:

  • Easy to handle and install

  • A tough liquid barrier to prevent water penetration

  • Breathable barrier technology that lets vapor escape

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

Product Specifications


Tips for using BLOCK-IT* House Wrap:

  • Store BLOCK-IT* in a clean, dry, covered area until installation.

  • Use a sharp razor knife to cut BLOCK-IT*

  • Use a good quality C920 Class 25 caulk and/or flashing tape with acrylic or butyl adhesive for sealing windows, doors or penetrations

  • Roll all seam and flashing tapes after installation with a J-roller to ensure proper bonding

  • Limit UV exposure to 6 months

  • Use a release layer (building paper) when installing a product that could bond to BLOCK-IT® such as stucco


The house wrap will be stocked in 9' x 100' and 3' x 100' sizes. Please download the installation guide for detailed application instructions. 

New Stocked Product: Titan Pro Post Assemblies

January 30, 2017

In an effort to make our Titan Rail line more user friendly we have brought  in the Titan Pro Post Assemblies. These products are a suggested “best practice” item for faster and simpler installation. These posts include the structural post with the brackets pre-mounted on them.


These posts do require a different cap than the previously stocked Titan posts, the new post caps are stocked in white.  

Our main supplier is HUTTIG. RDI Tital Rail is available at stocked at our Littleton Lumber location, the available post sizes are available in the below:


    -   4x4x38" White RDI Titan Corner Post Assembly 


    -   4x4x38" White RDI Titan End Post Assembly 


    -   4x4x38" White RDI Titan Mid-Post Assembly 


    -   4x4x42" White RDI Titan Blank Post Assembly 

New Stocked Product: Grip-Rite Builder Board Tape

January 30, 2017

Beginning 1/30/17, both our Littleton Lumber and Concord Lumber locations will be stocking Grip-Rite 3" X 55 Yard Builder Board Tape. This product is distributed through PrimeSource. 


We have begun stocking this product in response to customer requests, as always please feel free to make product suggestions.

New Stocked Product: Westbury Tuscany Rail

May 4, 2016

Beginning 5/4/16, our Littleton Lumber location will be stocking Westbury Tuscany Aluminum Railing by Digger Specialties and distributed through WOLF Home Products. We will be carrying flat and stair rail kits in 6’ and 8’ lengths in a textured black color.

Product Change: All Pressure Treated Lumber to be Treated for Ground Contact

April 20, 2016

As 2016 began, we saw changes on the horizon in the pressure treated lumber industry. Both the American Wood Protection Association and the ICC Evaluation Service have determined that wood used in many physically above-ground applications needs to be treated to Ground Contact requirements.  


Ground Contact treatment is necessary for physically above-ground material when:


  • soil or other debris may build up and stay in contact with the wood

  • there is insufficient ventilation to allow air circulation around the wood

  • material is installed <6 inches above ground on permeable building materials

  • material is installed in contact with non-durable untreated or older construction with any evidence of decay

  • wood is subject to frequent or recurring wetting 

  • used in tropical climates 

  • the wood is both: 

    • difficult to maintain, repair or replace and 

    • critical to the performance and safety of the entire system



Joists and beams for decks and docks fit both of these final criteria and therefore require Ground Contact treatment.    


As of 4/1/16 all of our pressure treated lumber in stock at both of our Concord Lumber and Littleton Lumber locations has been treated for ground contact. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change please feel free to contact one of our locations. 

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