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Introducing the newest member of The Kitchen Works team - Eric Smith

Eric Smith joined our team at The Kitchen Works this past July, to assist us with customer service. With the addition of Eric we have been able to improve the services we offer and our response times. Eric is spending most of his time coordinating service calls and delivering product and plans to job sites. His assistance has not only been helpful in meeting our customer’s expectations, but has the additional benefit of helping our sales staff by freeing up more time for them to work with their existing and new customers.

Eric had previously been working in customer service at our Concord Lumber location. From day one, Eric has expressed a deep interest in becoming a kitchen designer for The Kitchen Works, which we have all the confidence that he will one day achieve. As an honest, dedicated and enthusiastic employee, Eric truly understands the importance of great customer service, and serves as an integral part of The Kitchen Works team.

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