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What's in your Toolbox?

This 25' Lufkin Control Series Power Tape is designed with the perfect amount of grip and featuring a new unique Lufkin design. The drag strip access on the bottom of the tape allows users to regulate blade feed and return with their fingertip!

  • Product Type: Power Return Tape Measure

  • Size: 1-3/16" x 25'

  • Color: Hi-Viz Orange/Black

  • Case Material: Plastic

  • Lockable: Yes

  • Easy On/Off Belt Clip

  • D-Ring for tether strap

  • Clearcoat blade protection for durable marking

  • Trip-tip end hook

  • Drag-strip finger access for retraction control

This Lufkin product is stocked at both our Littleton Lumber and Concord Lumber locations. Take advantage of our current low price of $19.99!

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