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Industry Forecast - Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions

The dimensional lumber market has been settling over the last couple of weeks, with

pricing maintaining a flat pace. Attributing to the flat market pricing is the current surplus of product, with lead times on most items 2 weeks or sooner. The exception to the product surplus is 2x4 and 2x6 studs, which are still in tight supply but I think we are getting closer to a stabilized market.

Panel prices fell slightly this past week. A similar situation has presented itself in this market, with plenty of material available.

As for updates concerning the U.S. - Canada Softwood Lumber Trade Agreement, the Canadian government has recently pledged $640m in aid to their softwood lumber sector. published an article last month reporting that a trade deal between the two countries was unlikely to be reached by mid-August. That article is available here.

Paul Tarca

Head of Purchasing

Concord Lumber Corporation

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