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Sophava Framing: Frame in Less Time & with Less Waste

This year, Concord Lumber Corporation partnered with Sophava Framing, which enables us to service jobs in the panelized construction market. We are confident that our customers who choose to work with panelized framing packages will be satisfied with Sophava’s performance and quality.

About Sophava Framing

Sophava is a full-service framing firm in eastern Massachusetts delivering superior residential and commercial frames for builders on-time & on-budget.

  • Panelized Construction increases efficiency with components cut and labeled before the package is dropped on site.

  • Our team has 60 years of combined experience in construction framing, home building process automation to deliver satisfaction on every framing job.

  • We are fully licensed and insured. Our professional affiliations allow builders access to leading architects, finish carpenters, excavators, roofers, HVAC, electrical, siding, flooring

  • and design professionals.

Benefits of Using a Panelized Construction Firm:


Our lumber prices can’t be beat.


Faster completions are assured with components cut and labeled for efficient site assembly.


Frames are square, plumb & level every time using electronic optical measurements tools.

Guaranteed Pricing

Builders lock in a fixed price for materials and labor. Guaranteed.


No wasted lumber means no dumpsters for framing scraps and a cleaner job site.

To contact Sophava for a quote or discuss your next project, call 6017-500-0227, email, or visit

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