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Product Highlight: Tower Sealant Caulking

Mike Malloy, Littleton Lumber's paint department Manager, shares his insight on Tower Sealant caulking:

"Tower Sealants has exceeded the standard of today's caulking with their “Tower Tech 2” and “Accelerator” lines. Tower Tech 2 is an elastomeric caulking that is paintable and rated for interior and exterior use.

It’s superior flexibility will hold up to extreme joint movement and gives you the ability to bridge gaps of up to two inches. It will also bond to most surfaces and create a weather tight seal on wood, masonry, and metal. The Accelerator line is a modified siliconized acrylic sealant with an accelerated dry time. It is flexible, air tight, and water resistant. It can be painted by brush in only 30 minutes or you can spray over it immediately saving you time and money on the job."

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