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Industry Forecast: Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions - 6/14/21

LUMBER: We are now in full swing of a major correction in the market that we all knew was coming. Now the question is how violent will the correction be? Mills came off hundreds of dollars per thousand to entice buyers but most buyers if not all sat on the sidelines. This is all taking place as demand is still strong and July maintenance shutdowns for mills are coming. Kind of a market that is totally opposite of what you think it should be. But who is shocked by this market after the last 13 months?

PANEL: The panel market stayed flat this week and I certainly expect this market to correct as well in the coming weeks. Let's hope it isn't a catastrophic correction that happens overnight. Sellers need to move some panels on the ground and most still have some coming in July and August. Will this product be overpriced?

Paul Tarca

Head of Purchasing

Concord Lumber Corporation

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