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Industry Forecast: Lumber Pricing & Market Predictions - 8/10/21

LUMBER: The lumber market remains unstable; however, we seem to be getting closer to a trading level that everyone can buy into. The freefall of lumber prices has slowed, and buyers are filling their low inventories as demand is steady. Prices at the consumer level will continue to drop as we head into the fall. As we look forward, the question is where will this market truly settle out at?

PANEL: We've seen large amounts of depreciation in the panel market. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this market is lagging behind dimension lumber, so look for this trend to continue for a while.

**** Pressure treated lumber prices have fallen as well but keep in mind the supply chain on most building items is still in disarray. Roofing, siding, doors, windows, millwork, kitchens, etc., have extended lead times and major price volatility. Please plan ahead for the upcoming fall construction season.****

Paul Tarca

Head of Purchasing

Concord Lumber Corporation

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