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Window/Door Installation

I wanted to acknowledge the very nice job Jef and his crew did on the replacement bay window last week. Jef set up the schedule and kept in touch with me if there were any problems, which there were none. When I arrived home that night, I detected no sign that they were even there except for the window itself. The house and grounds were left just as they found them. We'd like to replace more windows in the future as the budget allows. I'll call you at that time. Thanks again.

Bob – Homeowner, Carlisle, MA


After researching and contemplating for (literally) years, I contracted Littleton Lumber for a Phase I of tearing out our old windows and installing new full frame Anderson window units. The contractors hired to install the thirteen new windows were knowledgeable, timely, courteous, and tidy. Jef was on site daily to go over details and I was kept in the loop of discoveries and solutions. Jef, and Littleton Lumber are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to others looking for new window and door installations. I am looking forward to their expertise once again for Phase II.

Sarah – Homeowner, Lunenburg, MA


We're very happy with how everything went. Installation (of the new door) went great - Dale was meticulous with everything.

Brian – Homeowner, Bolton, MA


Concord Lumber Corporation - Testimonials

Paint/Hardware Services

The paint department at Concord Lumber is pretty much unbeatable. Not only do they carry some of the best products, but their advice and guidance is really impressive. If you are not quite sure of what you need when you walk in, they will make sure you know what to do by the time you walk out.

David – Homeowner, Carlisle, MA


I am writing to say what a great experience I recently had at the paint department at Concord Lumber. I just had my counters redone- and of course, now the walls don't match. I asked if there was someone with a great color sense- and they called for the paint person. Within two minutes I asked all sorts of questions which they easily answered. In no time at all, I was out the door with 3 sample paints to try at home. The combo seems to work perfectly. I don't think I would have selected them on my own or even thought of the combo. Today I returned to the store but forgot the color names. I asked if they remembered, and they rattled off my colors without hesitation. They started mixing and had my paint ready in a matter of minutes.

Rebecca – Homeowner, Concord, MA


Concord Lumber Corporation - Testimonials

I am writing this note to let you know that they were extremely helpful to procure the proper paint for the interior of my home. He went out of his way to test the stain on pine wood to make sure it would match what was at my house. He kept me informed of shipments and kept everything on time. As a result of their efforts, I will make Concord Lumber my primary source for paint and have already recommended Concord Lumber to others.

Don - Homeowner, Concord, MA


I just want to thank you and Concord Lumber for again delivering not only a good product but great service for my business and, more important, for my customer. Your advice was spot on, the colors are quite satisfactory, and the client is happy. I acknowledge the enormous value of my partnership with Concord Lumber on this project and previous ones going back more than thirty years.

Norman - Remodeler, Lincoln, MA


I’m co-owner of a painting contractor out of Pepperell, Ma. We buy all our painting supplies from Concord Lumber. Everyone I've met that works there has been very professional and friendly. They do an excellent job staying on top of all our orders. Every time I show up to pick up paint it's boxed, organized and even brought out to my truck. He is very knowledgeable and even with a busy schedule, takes the time to remind us when he will be placing orders. In this time-consuming world, it's nice to know there's someone that will go above and beyond. This makes our business run smoother and allows us to focus on our work. I would recommend Concord Lumber to any painting contractor or homeowner.

Frank C. - Painter, Pepperell, MA


Building Supplies

B SQUARED CORP has been doing business with Concord Lumber Corporation for over twenty years. We use Littleton Lumber for our new home builds. We also purchase complete framing packages including roofing and windows. We also use Forester Millwork for our interior trim and The Kitchen Works for our kitchens. The staff at Concord Lumber from the yard employees up to the president are wonderful to work with. They make you feel like it’s your personal lumber yard by being friendly and having great customer service. An all-around great company.

Peter B. - Builder, Groton, MA


I’ve been doing business at Littleton Lumber and the original Concord store since 1987. To me they’re family, great products, service & more than anything…the people…upstairs, downstairs & in the yard! Good advice, helpful professionals, and even fun. I couldn’t do it without them. Thank you for what to me is a great partnership.

Richard B. - Remodeler, Harvard, MA


I have been a customer of Littleton Lumber for about 15 years. It has been a pleasure to do business with them. The staff is friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond to help their customers look good, from offering CSL classes to stocking new products to accommodate the contractors.I can’t say enough good things about them.

Ralph H. - Builder, Boxbourgh, MA


Concord Lumber Corporation - Testimonials
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