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Our History

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Celebrating over 75 Years of Business

In 1946, Concord Building & Design Center (formerly known as Concord Lumber Corporation), was established in Concord, MA by Ben, Donald and Farnham Smith as a local business to help the community with their building needs. 

In 1963, George Senkler (Farnham’s stepson) assumed management of the business. As a result of remarkable growth over the years and in an effort to diversify our offerings, we opened the Littleton location in 1988, established our Millwork division in 1993, and opened our Kitchen showroom in Acton in 1997.

The company continued to expand, acquiring Forester Lumber and Moulding in 2007, which later merged with Littleton Millwork, to become Concord Millwork & Design Center. In 2017, Concord Building & Design Center acquired ColorWorks Paint & Decorating Centers. In 2019, Concord Building & Design Center welcomed Harmon's Paint & Wallpaper to the corporation, which now operates as one of our seven ColorWorks Paint & Decorating Centers. 

Today, we have 11 storefronts, 24 delivery trucks, and 150+ employee-owners. As a local, independent company, we are proud to turn 77 years old and have our loyal customers to thank for their many years of patronage. The employee-owners of Concord Building & Design Center look forward to future growth.

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